I am going to engage in a venture that will take me via bicycle from San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC (see map). This 1400 mile journey will bring me up the West Coast, through the Pacific Northwest and into Canada. The event is to raise funds for animals in need of emergency or ongoing veterinary care. I ask for your support to achieve this most important goal. Your generous tax-deductible donations will go directly to a separate fund, used strictly for veterinary care for the animals chosen. To make a donation, or find out more about my "RIDE FOR LIFE" visit the San Diego Animal Support Foundation.

Sincerely, Elliot Rover

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update from Elliot on the road....

I arrived in San Francisco on Sat afternoon. I have been here a few days now. Unfortunately, some of the difficulties that I have dealt with since cycling through Santa Barbara have not alleviated.

It is probably in my best interest to stop at this time as time/finances are becoming a serious limitation.

I sincerely would love to continue, but I must get back to San Diego. I hope you and the rest of the donators to the Ride 4 Life fund are not very disappointed. I will contact everyone sometime this week to fill you in.

Thanks again for the time and effort for this charity/event.

Sincerely, Elliot

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Elliot Checking In

Just checking in and letting you know that the ride is going fairly well. I should be in the San Francisco area by the weekend. There has been some difficulties that I hope will alleviate. Overall, the ride is hard and unbelievable at the same time. Seeing the coast like this is beautiful. Will contact you toward the end of the week for an update.
Be Good,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update from Elliot on Tuesday, September 2

Elliot hit Orange County last night after taking off from his La Mesa home at 5 a.m. Today, at 3:45 p.m., Elliot called in to say that he hopes to hit Huntington Beach by tonight, and bike through Malabu and Los Angeles tomorrow. (He's riding along the coast...if you see him, stop to say hello!)
The hills are a LOT harder than he thought they would be. The ride is taking it's toll. He said that his goal of 75-miles per day may be a little too much...he's rethinking the goal....more like 50-miles per day.
He got a call from Stephanie, Kitters the Cat's mom, thanking him for riding and raising money for her cat. I think that made him feel good.
If you want to post your comments, or call Elliot on his cell to leave messages of encouragement, please do....he would probably enjoy hearing from everyone.
Thank you Elliot! Good luck on your ride and Dog Bless!

Friday, August 29, 2008

News Releaase: August 29, 2008
One Man’s Mission to Save the Underdogs...and Cats!

On Monday, September 1, Elliot Rover, a physical therapist from San Diego, CA, will leave his home in La Mesa to embark on a bicycle trek that will take him from Southern California to Vancouver, BC. His 1400 mile journey up the West Coast, through the Pacific Northwest, and into Canada, is intended to raise awareness, and funds, to treat the medical needs of beloved family pets who might otherwise have to be euthanized due to their condition. This is the Ride 4 Life, to benefit the San Diego Animal Support Foundation.
"There are government funds, churches, social services, and insurance which pay for the medical needs of adults and children, but when a family pet needs treatment, there really isn't a lot of outside support, or sympathy, for that matter," says Executive Director, Darlene White. "So often people say 'They're just animals', but they don't realize that for some people, their pet is a member of their family."
Due to a struggling economy, animal welfare groups like the SDASF are finding it harder than ever to bring in donations to help animals. That's why they depend on people, like Elliot, who see a need, and take matters into their own hands.
"Through personal experience and hearing the stories of suffering animals
throughout the community, I feel that this is my way to help people with financial setbacks, so that they can provide the veterinary care their animal needs to survive", says Elliot.
So far, Elliot's mission has raised approximately $4,000 to help animals in need. He hopes that more people from across the country will log on to his blog and send their encouragement! Elliot plans to ride 75 miles per day, landing him in Vancouver in 19-22 days.
A link to Elliot's Ride 4 Life blog can be found on the San Diego Animal Support Foundation's website at www.sdshelters.com. Elliot will be posting his experiences to the blog every few days. The website also includes pictures and stories of animals who are being helped by the Ride 4 Life funds. People can donate to the Ride 4 Life, and 100% of the funds will be used to cover the medical treatment of animals. Donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


March 18, 2008
Paw Country
5652 Lake Murray Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91942
Phone: 619-463-1134
Fax: 619-463-1165

E-mail: kelly@welcometopawcountry.com

Paw Country’s One Year Anniversary Celebration includes Fundraising for Animals in Need
Paw Country celebrates its one year anniversary, on Saturday, March 29, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., at their holistic pet store in La Mesa. In addition to anniversary inspired sales, their will be free samples and free training advice at the Ask a Trainer booth provided by Whole Dog Training www.wholedogtraining.com, whose motto is to Think Positive, Not Punishment. Pet and people Psychic Reader, Sindi Somers of Wild and Tame Communications will also be available to answer people's questions about their pets. Pets do not have to be present to receive a reading. All donations given for Sindi's readings will be contributed to Elliot Rover’s Ride for Life Foundation. Elliot, a San Diego resident, will be on-site to promote his non-profit venture Ride for
, in conjunction with the San Diego Animal Support Foundation

The mission of Elliot’s Ride for Life Foundation is to raise funds to help alleviate some of the financial hardships that occur when canine companions fall ill with disease or unforeseen traumatic events. The focus of the foundation is to offer shelter dogs and dog owners with limited monetary resources an alternative to euthanasia when their canine faces a treatable life threatening condition. Elliot’s Ride for Life will be represented by a 1400 mile bicycle trek from San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC, in September, 2008. All donations to the Ride for Life Foundation are tax deductible. To support this life saving cause, please email SDAnimalSupport@aol.com, or Paw Country at 619-463-1134.